Acoustic research with SuperCollider

Hi! I started to learn SuperCollider a few weeks ago. I really enjoy myself using this Program. And now I would like to do some acoustic research based on SuperCollider. I’m just want to ask the community, what can be my research Topic/ Field ? Of course, specific questions are also welcome. Has anyone an idea oder suggestion for me? I’m looking forward to your answers.

Hi William,

Welcome aboard!

I’m afraid your question is pretty much impossible to answer. What background do you have? What are you interested in?

The field is vast. If you have no idea, I’d start by exploring what exists already. There are things related to sound synthesis, sound analysis, sound compression, sound transformation, analysing and emulating room acoustics, algorithmic composition, design and analysis of effects, …quite literally hundreds of topics really, each of which again consist of hundreds of subtopics. A very concrete example of something that I would find interesting if I had more spare time would be to investigate ways to automatically fit FM synthesis algorithms/parameters to optimally approximate a given sound.