Activating chat on

One feature that platforms like Slack, Discord, … offer is instant response, also known as chat.
But Discourse, the software that runs this forum, also has such functionality via chats ( which can be reached via the bubble at the top.
Currently it has only one channel, Lobby, but maybe the admins could extend this to (at least?)

  • Questions
  • Development
  • Creative process

and create a sticky post which mentions that this is also one way of communicating around here.

The question is therefore - do we embrace the chat functionality or should we leave this place as a purely thread-based forum?

Right now, much of the SC community seems to be spread out across multiple platforms, which is nice in terms of decentralization, but also makes it difficult to reach as many people as possible - especially on proprietary platforms.
I think there has been some discussion recently about how to reach as many people as possible to ask for feedback or questions like “is anyone affected by a proposed change”? (Although I think we should be careful about taking this or any other platform as a representation of the community, as many people who use SC are not on any of these platforms.)

I think chat could be really useful for quick questions (e.g. why does x do y?) or coordination for developers (e.g. do we do x and then y or the other way around? how does the setup of x work?) and would provide an open and self-sufficient alternative for chat. IIRC, we don’t have an open platform for such gatherings, but Discourse could be one.

See you in the Lobby!

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I don’t think regular users can make new rooms (?), but if we have suggestions for new rooms to make please post them here and we can make it happen.

I think this is a good idea in general. Lots of talk on the forum can be quite conversational, which is engaging and fun and an important social component of this space, but can also derail threads that are more focused on solving a problem or getting an answer. The next time someone wants to respond to a topic with a more conversational, chatty comment, maybe consider posting to the chat instead, and we can see how it works out as an additional place for conversation?

I think it’s all an experiment, and ofc people can pick it up or not as they wish.


For months I’ve been wanting to start a “Development Chatter” Topic, where we can post quick one-off questions for a quick response that wouldn’t otherwise need an entire discussion. But Topics never seemed quite right for this—meandering discussions are kind of antithetical to topics, esp. around development.

Basically what the Slack channel was good for before it went pretty silent, there are many more eyes on this forum, so this seems like a good place for it.