Activating MIDIdefs without evaluating code?


I’m looking for a way to make MIDIdefs that I’ve written active without having to press cmd+enter to evaluate the code. For instance it would be nice if there was a way to write my MIDIdefs in one .scd file, and then be able to activate MIDIdefs from the .scd file with for instance commands.
Is there an “easy” way?


You can load and run the code of another file with:


Make sure the code in the MIDIdefs file is not inside block parenthesis.


Thank you! That’s exactely what I was looking for!

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Quick question @loopier - why do you say not to enclose in a block?

I usualy use () blocks to evaluate code as I go. And that has given me problems when running code on external files.

But you are right, I should have said “make sure you put a ; at the end of every () block”. Sorry about that.

wonder where documentation of the lexer/parser is… gonna go hunt