Aggregate Device Problems on MacBook

Hi all -

I recently tried to run two USB audio devices as an aggregate device to get a multi-channel output from SuperCollider. I got the following error:

SC_AudioDriver: sample rate = 48000.000000, driver's block size = 512
AudioDeviceStart failed -536870212
start audio failed.
Server 'localhost' exited with exit code 0.

This worked on an older computer, but does not seem to work now. I am running OS 14 on a recent MBP. I am wondering if it potentially has something to do with the USB Device names, which are generic: "USB Sound Device ".

I attempted to change the sample rate to 44.1khz from 48, but that didn’t help. Is there anything else I can try?


Issue seems to be that devices need to be plugged in on separate ports, rather than a hub. I would be interested to know if there is a way around that, though. Maybe the quality of the hub matters?