AKT-examples gives me error messages

I’m trying to run the first example in the ATK-tutorials:

// ------------------------------------------------------------
// B-format examples, natural soundfield with imaging transform
// B-format soundfile read from disk

// choose transformer
~transformer = 'zoomX'

// read a whole sound into memory
// remember to free the buffer later!
// (boot the server, if you haven't!)
~sndbuf = Buffer.read(s, Atk.userSoundsDir ++ "/b-format/Leonard-Fireworks.wav")

    var sig;                            // audio signal
    var angle;                          // angle control

    // display transformer & decoder
    "Ambisonic transforming via % transformer".format(~transformer).postln;
    "Ambisonic decoding via % decoder".format(~decoder.kind).postln;

    // gain ---> top            = 90 deg
    //           bottom         = 0 deg
    angle = MouseY.kr(pi/2, 0);

    // ------------------------------------------------------------
    // test sig
    sig = PlayBuf.ar(~sndbuf.numChannels, ~sndbuf, BufRateScale.kr(~sndbuf), doneAction:2);   // soundfile

    // ------------------------------------------------------------
    // transform
    sig = FoaTransform.ar(sig, ~transformer, angle);

    // ------------------------------------------------------------
    // decode (via ~renderDecode)
    ~renderDecode.value(sig, ~decoder)


// free buffer
// ------------------------------------------------------------

but it throws me this error:

exception in GraphDef_Recv: UGen ‘FoaZoomX’ not installed.
→ Synth(‘temp__16’ : 1019)
*** ERROR: SynthDef temp__16 not found
FAILURE IN SERVER /s_new SynthDef not found

Anybody knows what’s going on?

Quite common error – should be many references to it on the forum.

It means the server can’t find the UGen binaries. You’ve installed the ATK classes but the binaries aren’t found.


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Thanks @jamshark70!

The ABCs of the ATK includes an overview of components that are required for complete installation… and here are the installation instructions found in the README.

@nammedit, you’ll want to include all the components to explore the various examples. Have fun!!

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