Albedo (WIP algorithmic glitch thing)

Little WIP. from the description:

Inspired by G Jones. FM keys playing a chord progression with random octave displacement. Every beat, there’s a random chance of “beat repeat” effect, modulated BPF, reverb, and sample rate reduction. There is also a dotted-quarter-note delay with a little delay line modulation and a feedback value that is randomized every beat. The bass is just filtered saw waves with some wavefolding and a sine to reinforce the fundamental. Eighth note plucks are a pulse wave with pitch bend and closing filter. Chiptune beep synth is two ring modulated pulse waves. There are also some subtle saw wave pads that are not fed into the glitching FX chain. I don’t care, I love the clicks.


Yeah the clicks make it. I love the “tape-spliceyness” of the granular stutters. I find that’s a really important part of the glitch aesthetic.


This is great fun. Love it