Algorithmic Fantasy in A Flat

I recently made a new piece in SuperCollider called “Algorithmic Fantasy in A Flat”. It is entirely based on a Dorian scale mapped onto 31-EDO, and apart from three chords that I’m using in one arpeggio-like section, all the melodies and harmonies rely on randomly selected scale degrees.

I hope you enjoy it!

I will share the code as soon as I have brought it into a more readable shape than it is currently.


thanks! and I’d love to see the code (I don’t care how messy it is, though I do understand)

I just cleaned the code up enough that I’m comfortable sharing it - here you are: the_emergent / algorithmic-fantasy · GitLab


fantastic. Thanks. Curses! Now I have to get the Mi Ugens to build on Windows. Aaaaargh

But many thanks, it’s incredibly helpful to see this. Seeing work at this scale is invaluable.

Great, I’m glad it’s inspiring!
Other reverb UGens (with arguments & synth call adjusted accordingly) should work here, too – although I don’t know how much that would change the character of the reverb.

I’m also using a home-brewed conversion of a 12-step scale to 31TET – which doesn’t end up being clearly audible here, but microtonal expressivity was something I initially wanted to integrate into the piece. I’ll add some info about dependencies to the README!

I’m still figuring out the right balance between determinism and randomness, and finding good ways of structuring a longer piece, so there might be more flexible and/or robust ways of playing a piece like this.

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miverb is great - i think it is the best supercollider reverb