Alternative for executing command line prompts from sclang for Windows

Is there an alternative for executing a string from sclang on a windows machine? I’m trying to incorporate some modules from CDP for offline batch-processes but these have to be executed from the command line.

Trying to run a CDP command results in the following error:

ERROR: String:runInTerminal - sorry this method has not yet been implemented for windows.

You could write an NRT (non-real-time) score file, and run that with scsynth on the command line.

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That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Andie!

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See unixCmd.

From the help:

NOTE: Despite the fact that the method is called ‘unixCmd’, it does work in Windows. The string must be a DOS command, however: “dir” rather than “ls” for instance.

Hmm… any developers reading this… Should we change this section to be “Shell command support”? Or perhaps add another guide for how to use shell commands? As long as the method is named unixCmd, we can reasonably predict that every Windows user will get confused by this (how is anyone supposed to guess that unixCmd really means “shell command in your OS even if not Unix”?). But if there’s a guide for “using command-line tools,” then people could find it perhaps.



Oh, well that’s handy. Thanks!