ANd another one (syntax related )

Can someone correct me what I am doing wrong
Console says syntax error at line 5 …noiseenv… and modfreq but I can’t seem to find any error

	var ampenv, filtenv, noisenv, modenv, carrier, modulator, modfreq, carfreq, index, noise;
	index =2
	noisenv=,0.001, 0.125);
	modfreq=    200!2;
	carfreq=    100!2;
	noise =;
	modulator =*index)*5;
	ampenv=,0.0001, 1,doneAction:2);

When it says this, it is 90% of the time a missing semicolon in the line above.

And what semicolon would that be ?
I get no errors when selecting the function

It’s expecting an } , afaik there is one , { at the beginning , } at the end , correctly enclosed
Also error at line 5 noisenv …I checked thousand times I can’t see any syntax error
Modfreq would also be wrong , sorry I don’t see it
It would be highly appreciated if you could show me the error ,

The line above the one you are looking at. This is important. It says it is on line 5, but it is actually at the end of line 4. This will bite you all the time, so it is a good thing to get used to looking for.


Just a semicolon
Writing correct syntax is hard
It took me 5 minutes to write the code , 1 hour to debug

And Line 5 meant 4 , since it starts counting from 0 , phew

And Line 5 meant 4 , since it starts counting from 0 , phew

Not exactly. Line 5 is line 5.
The error was in line 5 because line 4 was not terminated with a semicolon.
The error says: “unexpected NAME, expecting ‘}’”, since the interpreter does not expect new expressions after a statement without a semicolon, it only expects the end of the function (’}’). “NAME” here refers to “noiseenv”. It’s the same as writing:
index =2noisenv=,0.001, 0.125);
since newline has no meaning for the interpreter (it does only for the editor and code selection for evaluation).

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the valuable information