[ann] miSCellaneous v0.24: Dwalk, ZeroXBufRd applications, pulsar synthesis examples

Dear SCers,

I’d like to announce miSCellaneous_lib quark update v0.24 with Dwalk, a new demand rate pseudo ugen. It allows two specific buffer modulation strategies with ZeroXBufRd, where waveform segments are smoothly continued. These are new usages of ZeroXBufRd, which is described here:

New in v0.24:

Dwalk, similar to Pwalk, is for defining random or deterministic walks with demand rate args. It can return output in a special format, which is suited to be plugged into ZeroXBufRd. Dwalk can also be used for stochastic synthesis textures.

Ex. 9 and 10 in ZeroXBufRd help: buffer modulation with ZeroXBufRd and Dwalk, stepping through adjacent segments. There are two nearby ways to achieve smooth directional changes of the buffer read pointer: (1) at zero crossings of the original waveform together with inverting it or (2) at the positions where the waveform changes direction (up/down) or in other words: its slope crosses zero.

Ex. 8 and 9 in TZeroXBufRd help. Pulsar synthesis with source and envelope consisting of several half wavesets, layers of pulsar streams, two examples with GUI. Thanks to Marcin Pietruszewski and Jan Ferreira for discussions that gave me a nudge to add them.

PV_BinRange and PV_BinGap: bugfix enables usage within FFT chains.

Have fun, regards



Awesome, thank you Daniel for these further implementations and the outstanding miSCellaneous work!