[ann] new album - Ŧɦɘ Ƒiƞɛ-ʂŧʀµçŧµʀę ÇƟɲȿŧåƞţ

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a new album, its called Ŧɦɘ Ƒiƞɛ-ʂŧʀµçŧµʀę ÇƟɲȿŧåƞţ and you can find it here: Ŧɦɘ Ƒiƞɛ-ʂŧʀµçŧµʀę ÇƟɲȿŧåƞţ | Neil Cosgrove

Almost all sound sources and effects are made in Supercollider, lets say 99% are. The rest is just Ableton used to glue it together.

When I get a chance over the weekend I’ll upload it to You-tube and share some of the things I did to make it.

Hope u enjoy.

love Neil.


Thanks for sharing your wonderful music! I look forward to your You-tube video!

Here is a link to the album on YouTube.