Any acoustics simulation plugins for SC that can model diffraction effects etc?

Anyone know of a fairly accurate, ideally 3D, fluid dynamics level simulation (e.g. using FDTD, LBM or whatever is best for gases) that can model things like diffraction effects from within SC?

I realize this will be very computationally expensive and probably won’t allow a very high resolution model, particularly if 3D, but wanted to play around with this inside SC for a standing wave composition.

I’d be particularly interested if I could handle different fluid densities, e.g. this low resolution JS model would even be interesting to me: 3-D Acoustic FDTD Simulation Demo - JavaScript

I’m not aware of anything, but if you have access to the code of other tools, an alternative could be to send simulation results via OSC from that other tool to supercollider.

It’s a great idea for a plugin !

The closest thing I’ve seen is the NESS project (Next Generation Sound Synthesis), probably the Virtual Room Acoustics or Modular Environments sections:

But I imagine that it is pretty difficult to do finite element or finite difference methods for audio in real-time. On NESS I remember that the only RT possibility was the simple model of brass instruments.