Any guide to making an Auto-tune in SC?

Hey guys! I’m new to the forum, but loving all the community activity going on. So, I’m trying to create an Auto-tune for voice in SC…by this I mean one that sounds like the ones used in Trap vocals or Daft Punk (very synthetic and that differentiate a lot between notes). The idea is to be able to use that base to create new effects. I really don’t know how that effect works, so I’m having some trouble where to start and how to proceed. Anyone has been through this path or knows where I could start my research? Thanks in advance!!

Basic one, not natural sounding. Needs midi keyboard…

By the way: The famous Daft Punk tracks sound more like Talk-Box to my ears.

Thanks for the info!! Will go through that code.

Regarding the Daft Punk reference, I mean tracks like “One More Time” (I know they use other voice manipulating effects).