Any suggestion to view musicXML file in sclang (via WebView)?

Hello there,

The following website allows you to view musicXML files as rendered scores:

I have tested it on my local machine using the debugging build after the following instruction:

I think I seem to be able to get sclang to display any musicXML file as a score using WebView by modifying some files, i.e. the index.html and index.js files in the demo folder. However, opensheetmusicdisplay needs to run a server using npm start and requires additional installation to use.

Does anyone know of a way or HTML file template to simply display a musicXML file in a web browser without running a local server? I could not find one using the Google search engine.

Have you installed node package manager (nom)? If not, I think that is your next step. Homebrew is how I did it.

Josh Parmenter

Yes, I have!

I have successfully tested OpenSheetMusicDisplay Demo and can use it without any problems.

What I want to know here is about other ways than OpenSheetMusicDisplay to view musicXML files using a web browser.

Sorry that I have not written clearly what I am asking for.

I also found this site:

Users can see the rendered score from the musicXML file on the HTML document stored locally in web browsers without running the server, but this does not display microtonal accidentals… It would be perfect if it displayed microtonal accidentals correctly.

This lets you import musicxml
It has a javascript applet thing too, might be able to use it in the supercollider help browser

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Hm, strangely, the page you mention is displayed as a blank page with the following two codes

w = WebView(bounds: Window.screenBounds.insetBy(100, 40))

Could this be a limitation of Qt5?
Anyway, thanks for this. I could hack this HTML and construct a new one if the god of luck helps me.