APC mk2 interface

Hi, first of all sorry for my last topic, wrote it in a hurry and i messed up some terminology.

last months i’ve been working on and off on an interface for an APC mk2 i had laying around. while not being a programmer i really love SC for sounddesign and its patterns. but i’m often struggling to cobble patterns together in a longer structured context. also i have been toying with doing something live with SC but personally i’m not really into live coding. anyway long story short, being covid-struck and not really happy with the modality APC interface i thought why not make something myself.

currently it features:

  • fully working 64x8 grid. (grid button is a tabview with selected pattern + ‘song’ items. if you click on a ‘song’ it opens a listview of patterns in a ‘song’ where you can select a new pattern. ‘songs’ is a dictionary with nested songs dictionaries holding the song patterns)
  • grid is vertically navigable with the controller arrows, ableton style.
  • gui + controller led feedback (7 colors, yay). feedback update routine runs at BPM, i find this really handy to quickly see tempo.
  • gui + controller pots feedback for top pots + right pots.
  • 8 channels synths with HP/LP + 1 band EQ (freq,gain). 4 sends per channel. (currently only 4 send fx ‘busses’ per project). hp/lp/eq + 4 send fx assigned to right pots.
  • load/save function. (all data stored in a ~data dictionary)
  • tempo button map, stop buttons map etc…
  • currently its quite stable, but i have still a long list of things to iron out. notable: the 8 channels synths are ‘hardwired’ synthdefs, i think it would be much better to work with groups and fx groups. also the top pots mapping thing…
  • atm it is very pbindef- centric, i might expand it to Ndef’s. also i would like to use the top pots in a much more efficient way, ie. being able to automap them to the selected pbindef instrument parameters. now they have hardwired symbols which need to be programmed into the pbindef/synthdef.
  • while i tried to structure the code as much as possible, it still turned out into a little spaghetti monster. i tried to follow the MVC paradigm as close as i could (could be that i’ve sinned a bit). maybe i might share the code later…

anyway thought i’d share this, i still feel like a newb but i’m quite proud of it hehe. if you have tips, comments or ideas feel free to shoot! especially the top pots i’m not quite sure what to do with…

cool! looking fwd to seeing some code.