Applications invited, PhD in Digital Arts and Experimental Media @ University of Washington

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Applications are invited for the PhD program in Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS) at the University of Washington. In particular, with this round we’re particularly interested to receive applications focusing on Sound / Sonic Art and Electronic / Electroacoustic Music Composition and Performance.

The PhD is a fully funded program, meaning that, if successful, candidates can expect to be appointed as a Teaching, Staff, or Research Assistant.

DXARTS is a multi-disciplinary department, so while you’d be spending much of your time focused on sound & composition, there are also opportunities for other topics to explore. Do review the news archive for some examples. (Relatedly, the University of Washington does have a School of Music, with which we regularly co-produce events.)

A big focus at DXARTS is spatial sound, and working with Ambisonics and the Ambisonic Toolkit. (SuperCollider documentation is here.) We have an Eigenmike, along with a number of other Ambisonic microphones, so you’d have the opportunity to research adding these techniques to your art practice.

Regarding the practicalities of the program, here are a few links you may like to review regarding the DXARTS Department and the PhD program:

To qualify for application to the program applicants should have completed a Master’s Degree or its equivalent in a discipline or field related to the proposed doctoral work.

Applications are made by following the instructions found here:

The upcoming application deadline is 8 February 2023.

Dr Joseph Anderson | Research Scientist

DXARTS, Box 353414

University of Washington

Seattle, WA 98195-3680

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