Are The SuperCollider Book examples obsolete?

Is The SuperCollider Book too outdated to learn from now??
I copied Figure 1.1 exactly and kept getting errors.
Assuming since it was published in 2011 that there have been many syntax changes or something.

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the supercollider book is pretty old but this particular example should work fine. make sure you are running the code with Ctrl+Enter (Cmd+Enter on macOS), with the blinking cursor placed anywhere in the code. if you are running into errors, please paste the code and the error text.

//So here’s the example:

var sines = 5, speed = 6;
{arg x;*100,
mul: max(0, +, -1, 30)
), rand2(1.0))})/sines})

//and here’s the ERROR:

ERROR: Parse error
in interpreted text
line 1 char 1:

), rand2(1.0))})/sines})

unmatched ‘)’
in interpreted text line 1 char 1
ERROR: syntax error, unexpected BADTOKEN, expecting $end
in interpreted text
line 1 char 1:

), rand2(1.0))})/sines})

ERROR: Command line parse failed
-> nil

Either some of these classes or methods are no longer used, or maybe my SuperCollider didn’t install correctly??
Really have no clue where to look.


It seems you didn’t evaluate the full code, the example works here on 3.9.3. E.g. see

wow, you’re so right. I just didn’t have the actual “play” part highlighted.
See this is why I need a tutor