Array2D into SynthDefs?

Hello everyone!
I’ve got a very silly question. I’ll post here an example just to be simple and get rid of every complication.
Let’s say I have an Array2D 2x2 containing MIDI notes:

~notes = Array2D.fromArray(2, 2, [60,61,62,63]);

Let’s say I need to set the frequency of a synth passing two coordinates of that array. Because of OSC messages, I ended up with a syntax like this (I need to use the .set method):\try, {
       arg lagtime = 3
	var sig;
	sig =;,, 0, 1));

x =\try);

x.set(\coordinatex, 0, \coordinatey, 0);

So, basically I need to convert the coordinates into frequencies INSIDE the synth (if possible), maintaining the subsequent methods (.kr and .lag, in this case).
Any idea?
Thank you a lot for the help!

I was starting to work out a solution for this, but then ran into an unexplained bug. So… I’ll have to do it later.