Ask for reviews of your SuperCollider code

Code review is a great tool to improve your code and your general programming skill. It’s also a good way to share knowledge about the depths and intricacies of SuperCollider… If you’ve got some SuperCollider code that you would like feedback on, post it here! Or, provide feedback about someone else’s code if you think you may have insights that could help.

Some potential areas to comment on:

  • Code organization - can it be organized more clearly?
  • Expressiveness - are variable names clear, does the code convey what it’s doing?
  • Implementation - is the code using the right tools for the job? Are there classes or techniques that are not being used but should be?
  • Code quality - can you see potential bugs? is something being used incorrectly or in a way that might cause problems later?

Try to keep feedback polite, helpful, and avoid personal comments - one piece of code is never a good reflection of someones knowledge, experience, skill, or intelligence!

Please post working code - the general Questions section is a better place to ask if you’re having problems getting something to work. Also, wrap your code in ``` backticks so it’s formatted correctly!!!