Atk - seem to be missing FoaRotate?

So, my setup is with:
SC 3.13.0
Mac OS 13.4 (Ventura), M1 hardware.

I am using the ATK Toolkit, but get the following error when adding a SynthDef to the server:

‘exception in GraphDef_Recv: UGen ‘FoaRotate’ not installed.’

I’ve isolated this to my use of the FoaTransform UGen, a wrapper for FoaRotate.

I can see the help files for both FoaTransform and FoaRotate, so they seem to be installed. I’ve got the atk-sc3 quark and dependencies installed.

On my older machine, running SC 3.12.2 on 11.7.4 Big Sur, with the same quarks installed, the same SynthDef loads fine.

Thanks in advance for help - I’m sure I’m doing something dumb!

Resolved, and yes it was my dumbness - just hadn’t done the extra install steps linked at ATK for SuperCollider. Must have done these for the previous install.

Hello @incky,


For completeness, here are the ATK’s installation instructions.