Attaching output of patterns to different audio busses

hello! I am blind and often have great diffychulties with orientation in SC code and help files. how can I get this to work? 1 SynthDef, 2 Pbinds combined with Ppar: both Pbinds use the same SynthDef in a different musical manner. I would like to assign the Pbinds to 2 seperate stereo audio busses in order to record them in Logic to 2 stereo tracks. I tried using Pbus in the following way: Ppar([Pbus(\a),

Hi PinkP and welcome to the forum.

You will want your SynthDef to have a control which sets the output bus. In the default Synth this is called simply out. Then set the \out key in each Pbind to the bus you want.

here is an example that sends a stereo Pbind to bus 0,1 and another to bus 3,4


hi semiquaver !
great thanks for your reply on my rather unfinished mail (as I said, its hard for me to navigate this forum)! now, everything works fine! best regards from Austria Rainer