Audiovisual study work in progress - second iteration

Tiago Morais Morgado - second approach to audiovisual study - (2018)

out of my codenamed cycle athena

achieved with:

macbook pro 13" 2011

ableton live 8
maxmsp 5
csound 5
supercollider 3.9
cinema 4d r19

work in progress audiovisual study out of what may become a new audiovisual electroacoustic cycle codenamed Athena, which may result among other things, in an audiovisual music performance, with live electronics and fixed elements, an installation, a slickly more dance music oriented performance, and eventually a new live electronic instrument aiming mostly at electroacoustic free improvisation. hope you like it. it took me one week to achieve this electroacoustic fixed medium, with nealy five-six days dedicating to the audio aspect of the piece, and 3-4 days rendering coming to this visual piece, with 2 days for creating the medium. one for attempting at a first rendering in after effects, and a second one for attempting at this render in cinema 4d. although i have lowered the specs of the render, it still took me about 3-4 hours to finish this render on a macbook pro 13" 2011, and i am not planning on doing this quite often, because machine is not mean for this kind of work, so it can be really disruptive on the long run. i need to buy a new gaming laptop and desktop