Autoloading SCD on a Rasperry Pi Zero

Hi all -

I’m currently auto-loading an SCD file, as according to the instructions laid out here: GitHub - redFrik/supercolliderStandaloneRPI1: Standalone for Raspberry Pi 1 or Zero including the full IDE

The issue is that I seem to only be able to update the file by uploading it over SSH.

My hope would be that I could simply remove the SD card, load the “mycode.scd” and have it located and loaded by the But there isn’t an apparent supercolliderStandaloneRPI1 folder on the SD card - it looks like it might just be the boot information?

I’m a little confused about this and was hoping someone could help point me in the right direction. Thanks!

When inserting the sd card on a non-Linux computer, you can only see the boot partition. The other partition is a different file system which by default isn’t readable on Mac/win.

You could look into ways to read ext3 (or is it ext4? Don’t remember) partitions through FUSE or similar, or adapt the standalone to read an .scd file from the boot partition (eg /boot/mycode.scd).

A third option would be to add a line to the autostart script which looks for a file in the boot partition and copies it to the standalone directory. This might be good if you’re referencing other files relative to the main script.

Thanks for this information - it helps a lot.
One thing I’d like to clarify, though…
The autostart contains the line:
./sclang -a -l sclang.yaml mycode.scd
Is it possible to simply just attach a path, a la:
./sclang -a -l sclang.yaml /boot/mycode.scd
Or is there some other way to do this?

Yes, I think that would work.