Awesome SuperCollider list


Hello everyone

I’ve made an Awesome SuperCollider list (inspired by the other Awesome [something] lists) to keep track of all the cool SuperCollider things that otherwise disappear in depths of the internet space. I hope that some of you will contribute and add to it – it would make it a lot more fun and useful. There’s already been some really nice additions from the community but I hope more will add to it.
Did you read something nice? Try a nice quark? See a cool SC project? Add it to the list!


Hello Mads,

I made a pull request on github with the add of Supercollider Syntax for Visual Studio Code from Salkin-mada

I hope this will encourage him to continue and improve its extension.

Sincerely yours

Dilectio aka IpadDilectio on Github


Thanks it’s merged now!


Hello Dilectio and Mads,
the extension is now heavily updated and published to the Visual Studio Marketplace.


Thanks Salkin-mada !

It’s a good news ! I hope integration for SuperCollider in Visual Studio Code will become more and more strong…

Sincerely yours