Awesome SuperCollider list

Hello everyone

I’ve made an Awesome SuperCollider list (inspired by the other Awesome [something] lists) to keep track of all the cool SuperCollider things that otherwise disappear in depths of the internet space. I hope that some of you will contribute and add to it – it would make it a lot more fun and useful. There’s already been some really nice additions from the community but I hope more will add to it.
Did you read something nice? Try a nice quark? See a cool SC project? Add it to the list!


Hello Mads,

I made a pull request on github with the add of Supercollider Syntax for Visual Studio Code from Salkin-mada

I hope this will encourage him to continue and improve its extension.

Sincerely yours

Dilectio aka IpadDilectio on Github

Thanks it’s merged now!

Hello Dilectio and Mads,
the extension is now heavily updated and published to the Visual Studio Marketplace.

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Thanks Salkin-mada !

It’s a good news ! I hope integration for SuperCollider in Visual Studio Code will become more and more strong…

Sincerely yours

Hello everyone

This list is still alive and well. But I need some help maintaining it: There’s so many good things popping up these days and I’m too busy to keep up, so if anyone sees anything worthy of addition to the list, please feel free to do pull requests or submit issues!

I am still learning git and the SC development workflow, but I know some interesting quarks and plugins that are available on github (mainly on personal pages) that are neither listed on the quark’s GUI nor are present on the main plugin repository.

Should these resources go here or should I open an issue on SC official repositories ?

That’s a good question actually. I’m not sure what the official procedure for quarks is but probably the authors choose themselves whether it should be on the official list or not, but you are very welcome to add them to my awesome supercollider list! (if you don’t feel like making a PR you can make a issue :slight_smile: )

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The official procedure is to make a pull request at adding a line quarkname= url into directory.txt.

But I’m not sure how well advertised that is – some quark authors might not be aware of it.

Quark authors can also choose to keep a quark off the list (if it’s experimental or they don’t want to put that much effort into maintaining it).



The section on Single board computers has been restructured and expanded


The list was updated today. I added a section for plugins. Please let me know if I missed anything


Awesome! Would you mind adding a link to this to the SC website? It should be linked to somewhere on the homepage, I think.

Hello everyone

I updated the list a bit today. I really need help in maintaining this. The quarks section particularly needs some work (ie adding more cool quarks and extensions!). Hope someone is up for lending a helping hand


Thank you ! hmm this post must have 20 characters…

The list has gotten quite a few updates recently thanks to pull requests from the community. If anyone feels like adding more/editing something, feel free to open more pull requests and thank you all for your contributions!



maybe this is a bit off topic (not actually music), but over the past six years my students and I have built a scientific voice analysis system called FonaDyn (for “phonatory dynamics”). This is a major SuperCollider project that is continually maintained and used in voice research. It analyzes live or recorded voice in real time, both audio and electroglottographic signals, has several real-time displays, and lots of file outputs for further analysis. You can Google for “FonaDyn”, download the latest version from my profile page (KTH | Sten Ternström), or see a workshop video (KTH | Media Presentations | Sten Ternström) of FonaDyn in action. There is decent online documentation of its class libraries, a Handbook for users in the ZIP, Matlab postprocessing addons etc. I don’t think making a pull request for all of this is warranted, and also I don’t feel confident about how to do one. But I do think the project qualifies as Awesome SuperCollider - what a great tool SC is for acoustics research! The foundation for FonaDyn was skilfully laid in 2016 by Dennis Johansson for his M.Sc. thesis in Computer Science, and I have been extending it ever since. I’d be happy to answer any questions.

FonaDyn comes with one or two dozen bespoke classes and UGens that might be of more general interest. These include a BusManager mechanism for fast transfers of many parallel data streams from server to client, and several other things that might be useful to others; see the Tools docs that are installed into the SC help system.

Thanks for all the great work by the SC community - it supports my career…!

Sten Ternström /aka sternsc
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden


Hello everyone. Just a reminder:
I really want this list to be more of a community effort because I cannot maintain this list alone.
Please help out if you can:
Add and edit things and keep it up to date. Thanks!


Since noone has exhibited interest in helping out with this list I am going to archive it soon, unless someone steps up. There’s too much stuff missing now and I can’t keep up right now.

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Thank you for putting this together initially @madskjeldgaard - I appreciate it and I’ve used it as a resource in the past.

I unfortunately don’t have the bandwith either to pick this up, but I’m sure it will be useful even if it is archived.

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Same here. This is a wonderful page that helped me a lot discovering and practicing SuperCollider. I thank you deeply for this.

Tutorials and papers are hard to find and I had to dig really deep to find some resources. This is one of the best entry point to the language, alongside the documentation, this forum and sccode.

I don’t know what ‘archiving’ means, but I disagree when you say that there’s too much stuff missing. This reminds me of the Danaids, I’d rather say that every entry on the list is infinitely valuable, and that since there will always be some missing items, well eh, so it goes.

Not being a software engineer myself, I don’t know how to use github properly, and I don’t like using quarks, so it seems difficult to me to be helping on this. I can take the time to check my saved webpages to see if there’s anything interesting to append.