Batch Rename Sound Files


For a project, I would like to batch rename thousands of sound files from this collection of drum sounds.

Here you can find the way I have renamed this library of sounds (by including in the names of sound files some categories), which seem to work well.

But I have a question : I am surprised by the size of the resulting folder with the names modified compared to the original.

The original sound folder is 191,9 Mo, whereas the resulting folder, where the names of sound files are longer, is only 188,9 Mo. I would have assumed that the size of the folder where the names of sound files have been changed to longer names would be larger. But, it is the opposite.

So, has anyone an idea if I lose some information in sound files by batch renaming sound files the way I did ?
How to be sure the content of sounds (excluding the names of files) is the same for these 2 folders ?

I hope it is clear.
Many thanks,


That does sound odd. Have you checked that the new folder has the same number of files as the old?


Yes, the new folder has the same number of files as the old one.

You are writing all of the files as int16, so perhaps some of the original files have a greater bit depth, like float 24 or float 32. The int16 version will be smaller.


Thanks, but files of both folders are written in 16 bit.

In fact, you are right. Some files have different bit depths or even sample rates.

Many Thanks