Best way to record a control signal of unspecified length/

Does any one know what the best way to record a control signal of unspecified length?
For audio, DiskOut would be my choice, but there isn’t a kr method for it.

Is there are a better way than sending the information back to the client, appending to an array, and then writing to file once complete?

I will no more than 100 of these running at once, so performance could be a concern.

I have found passing stuff back and forth between client and server to be costly - maybe just use and then user Buffer.write when you’re done (or onFree) ? (you need around 2.7M frames / hr at control rate of 64)


A while back I wrote a utility, RecordControl, that added a *kr method to DiskOut (I don’t remember modifying the UGen itself…)

It worked pretty well, you just have to remember what sample rate you record at (I think I added an option for this to be appended to the resulting audio file name.)

If you make use of the UI for it, you will also need the ControlPlotter class in that repo, which relies on the senseworld quark for the streaming plotter. Sorry it’s not a proper quark, and haven’t tested it recently so no guarantees!