Bjarni Gunnarsson's OF framework


I stumbled upon Bjarni Gunnarsonn’s music three years ago at the musique concrète festival Futura in Crest, then a bit later at Présences Electroniques in Paris.
I really liked his music and quickly discovered he is a SC user.

He’s just released a new album showcasing his OF framework / quark.

To quote him

Anticlines explores approaches to digital synthesis based on dynamic waveforms and atomic sound operations. The pieces are composed using OF (Operation Flows), a custom software for designing sound streams and transformation pipelines. The idea is to consider sound as behaviour, or change, occurring through operations sequences and generative workflows.

OF, the synthesis framework is available here:

OF, a recent paper is accessible here:

There’s also a video explaining the concepts behind his framework

I’ve just started to try and understand how it works and I thought it deserved its thread here !

Feel free to discuss it