Bjornmossa - Radio Bosphor

For this album, I relied heavily on granular synthesis and use some field recordings I made in Istanbul on a PO-33 sampler.

I also used Convolution Ugen a lot for the frequency distortion that I loved deeply from my metal background. And it is wonderful how easy it is in SC.
So, enjoy listening.


Really nice piece, congrats. Can you elaborate on how you are using the Convolution Ugen?

Nothing fancy at all.
I get an impulses files (for example from Shift Line) and then use Convolution2 Ugen that uses this impulse as a kernel in the end of signal path.

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Nice! Easy listening in the best way …

(Is the album hidden? I can’t seem to “like” it on Bandcamp …

It should be public available. I’ll check later. Thanks for reply.