Blog: How to render Event Patterns as sound files using NRT

Hi everyone

I wrote a small blog post about one of my favourite NRT tricks for rendering Pbinds and other event patterns as sound files. Very cool and easy-to-use way of making simple generative compositions, IMO:


A valuable pointer, NRT is underestimated and less documented - using it only occasionally myself. And it’s the only way to get sample-exact timing with Event Patterns: Imperfection of language-based timing

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Thanks Mads, just tried out your example (on your blog), I see many interesting uses for this, thanks.

I also looked at your other ‘wrap’ article, interesting too. I’m still trying to get my head around the use of ‘wrap’, which looks very interesting, once you understand its implementation.

Yes, if it is any consolation, it took me a while to understand it as well. It is a real head twister IMO

Thanks, very useful. Suddenly NRT seems like it’s doable :slight_smile: