Bog Bodies opening, Berlin

This Friday at Horse and Pony gallery in Berlin, Ebb Bayley and myself are opening a new exhibition of paintings, sculpture, and immersive sound. If you’re in the city, the opening is 18-21h - the show will run until mid-June. If you’re in the city, it would be lovely to see you there!


When walking on the bog, the pressure of our feet compresses the lungs of the dead, whose voices emerge in response to our presence. We reconstruct a hyperstitional loop of relation where to be buried is not to be erased, but to enter a circuit of communication between the past and future.

Opening May 24th at horse and pony, berlin
organized by @rocco_ruglio and @carrickbell

Dedicated to the Martyrs of Palestine. Proceeds from the show will be donated between the Berlin Legal Fund and Operation Olive Branch gfm’s.

(show link)

For those interested, my contribution is a 24 speaker immersive sound installation, spread through multiple rooms in the basement of the gallery. The sound was composed entirely in SuperCollider, using (among other things) the RAVE UGens, a SuperCollider port of Pink Trombone I wrote, and a bunch of other tools.

The speaker setup is a portable, ostensibly battery powered system with 24 independent channels I build for this show, but hopefully use much more in the future. Happy to do a deeper technical walkthrough in the future - and, many of the tools I’ve build for this I’ll share in the near future as well. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse: