Broken links when using help browser

I just installed SC 3.13.0 on Windows today, and the home page for the help browser loads fine but most of the links return “Broken link!” page when clicked, and log the error “WARNING: SCDoc: Broken link: file:///C:/Users/evelyn/AppData/Local/SuperCollider/Help/Search”.

I tried reinstalling, with no luck. Is there something I can do to restore functionality? I know I can use the help documentation website in my browser, but the built-in help browser in the IDE is strongly preferred. I might be okay installing an older version if that fixes the problem; I’m not sure what features in the newest version might be useful to me.

I tried looking up the issue in the github issues tracker with no luck, and didn’t see a support category here, so I apologize if this isn’t the correct place to ask about technical issues such as this.

Screenshot attached