Building apex-sc-dafx from source on windows 11

hey, has somebody build GitHub - musikinformatik/apex-sc-dafx: Vocal Tract Modelling by Murphy, Shelley and Ternström from source on a windows machine?

ive been able to succesfully compile one of the Ugens the “KLVocalTract.scx” on windows 11 following these instructions: Building uGens on Windows - #21 by fmiramar

but in the end of the compiling process i get an error which is probably the reason for the other ugen “VocalTractArea.scx” not beeing compiled.

C:\Users\jlkle\Desktop\myUgens\apex-sc-dafx\UGenSourceCode\VocalTractArea.cpp(238,1): error C2375: "load": Neudefinitio
n; unterschiedliche Bindung [C:\Users\jlkle\Desktop\myUgens\apex-sc-dafx\UGenSourceCode\build\VocalTractArea.vcxproj]
C:\Users\jlkle\Desktop\myUgens\apex-sc-dafx\UGenSourceCode\VocalTractArea.cpp(57): message : Siehe Deklaration von "loa
d" [C:\Users\jlkle\Desktop\myUgens\apex-sc-dafx\UGenSourceCode\build\VocalTractArea.vcxproj]

I just successfully built this the other day, I can check to see if I had to make any modifications.

For what it’s worth, even once i got it building it seemed not fully functional. I saw some mysterious errors, and the sound being produced definitely did NOT seem at all correct (unless my understanding of what it’s doing is very wrong…).

could not get to work on mac either sadly!

thanks for the feedback. The file has been a bit confusing to me, so i was not sure if ive made a mistake but it seems to cause some issues for other users too.