Bus routing issue when synths are triggered with Pbind

Hi there!

I have 2 SynthDefs, One generates sound and the other one receives it and applies an envelope to it.
When I run the code, I notice the audio has some gaps (that are not wanted) which are related to the “\dur” of the “\testbus” Synth when it is re triggered. If “\dur” is 1 the gaps occur every 1 sec if “\dur” is 10 the gaps occur every 10 sec.

If I specify “\out,0” for the “\test” Synth (ie not passing through the “\testbus” synth) the gaps are not there, and when at the “\testbus” Synth i put the release env alone as output and not multiply it with the signal of “inSig” you hear the envelopes playing fine without any gaps. When in the “\testbus” Synth I put as output the “inSig” you hear the gaps.

So from what I understand something happens at the signal in the bus when the “\testbus” Synth gets re triggered.

Would anyone know how to resolve this? because I would like to have a continuous signal
Thank you!!

	var sig= SinOsc.ar(freq);
	var release= EnvGen.ar(Env([1,0],[dur]),t_trig,doneAction:2);
	var output=	OffsetOut.ar(out,sig*release);
	//var output=	OffsetOut.ar(out,sig);

	var output,inSig = In.ar(in,2);
	var release= EnvGen.ar(Env([1,0,1],[dur/2,dur/2]),t_trig,doneAction:2);
	//output=	OffsetOut.ar(out,(inSig*release)!2);	
	output=	OffsetOut.ar(out,(inSig)!2);	

Pdef(\t1, Ppar([
		\instrument, \test,
		\dur, 1/Pkey(\freq),	
		\instrument, \testbus,