Campanology? (Relevance for this forum?)

Hey guys, how hard would it be to take this beautiful campanology script and to modify it so as to incorporate a hunting bell?

(if the image isn’t loading, see for a simple explanation.)

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Nah you misunderstood the whole thing mate. The post to which I responded was about the code that ended up being the post author’s “campanology" code for Cycle.

Campanology is basically a form of change ringing, and a “hunt bell” as shown in the diagram is a common and basic technique of change ringing “methods”. The author (and anyone else following the post closely) would have understood this perfectly and might have had some fascinating thoughts on how his script could be developed further to include this extra feature.

The diagram I posted is how change ringers notate methods. Again, something the author and I are fluent with.

Please move the comment back to the thread I originally posted the comment in. It’s perfectly related in every way.

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Sorry for the confusion, done.

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This one really threw me… perfectly obvious to you what you were responding to, but not at all obvious to this reader at least.


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No worries at all and thank you dearly for your patience, and I’ll be sure to remember and integrate your tips when I comment in the future.

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be moderating an environment dealing not only with years of intricate coding threads, but also a world’s history worth of music theory. I’d not have the fortitude for it :).