Can a Synth instance know its server-side node ID by interrogating some UGen?

I can concoct a scheme where I pre-allocate the s.nextNodeID before I instantiate the synth, then put that id value into an i_rate control, and also ask the server to instantiate with that specific id, which is possible using either Synth.basicNew or direct server /s_new messaging, both of which allow for the client to ask for a specific ID.

I do wonder if this is overly complicated though if there’s some UGen that returns the synth node’s own ID while running on the server?

A few minutes later, I seem to have found it as ThisSynthID on github via google, but this is apparently not part of the current code base (3.12.1) anymore?

I see there’s a UGen called NodeID in 3.12.1, so I’m guessing it was renamed later. It’s undocumented though.

Yeah, it does work.

{,, "id:") }.play
// -> Synth(\temp__1 : 1017)
// id:: 1017