CCRMA Summer SuperCollider Workshop

Hello everyone!

My name is Josh Mitchell, and I’m currently a grad student at Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (or CCRMA for short). I’m teaching a week-long workshop there from August 28 to September 1, on music making and sound design using SuperCollider! It’s a project-based class, split between morning lectures and afternoon lab time for students to work on a creative project with one-on-one feedback. The goal behind this is to have each student finish and showcase a project they can be proud of by the final class meeting!

The class is available in-person at Stanford or online over zoom for a reduced price, and in-person students who’re interested will also have access to CCRMA’s facilities for multi-channel audio, including some beginner-friendly-enough ambisonics systems that work great with SuperCollider! As an example, you can find a binaural recording of an ambisonics piece I made by altering a few audio recordings in SuperCollider at from 28:15 to around 37:00.

There’s more information about the workshop and a related scholarship at, as well as my contact information if you have any questions. Thank you (and my apologies for the rather late notice)!

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