CDSkip - CD skipping emulation UGen

I have a new UGen called CDSkip.

CDSkip is an emulation of CD skips and glitches. I bought a cheap CD player, put a scratched CD into it, and manually analyzed the resulting waveforms. Turns out that when a CD player skips, it doesn’t just produce a discontinuity – it makes a little high-frequency waveform that depends on the audio being skipped from and skipped to. Based on my experiment, I created this UGen to capture some of this effect.

Here’s a sample (by the group Acappella):

Glitched out by CDSkip on auto mode:

You can let it run randomly in “auto mode”, but you can also manually control when skips happen, and exactly where they skip to.

I’m still working on fixing some rough edges, but it should be ready to use now. Thanks for checking it out!


Far out!

The end result is phenomenal… excellent work Nathan.

This is hilarious! It sounds very convincing I have to say.

This is fantastic Nathan. I love it!!

FYI: I think we forgot to announce this but the cookiecutter recipe for plugins now include a github action so you can actually just upload a version tag and then it will automatically build and create a release for you, if you want to distribute precompiled plugins

Wow ! It sounds so coooool !!!

This should be really interesting to use in a conceptual context… i.e. chaos, atrophy, etc.

very cool and interesting about the waveform. it sounds super convincing. the sound of irritation and sadness at the same time.

edit:just in case I came across negatively - irritation and sadness due evoking memories of my damaged cds, stereo or both!

I absolutely love this plugin. It’s so much fun!!

I added it to the arch linux user repository for those on arch based systems:

signed up just to necro this post!

i’ve been beating my head against the wall for the better part of the day and i just cannot get this plugin built. any chance there is a precompiled build somewhere?

What OS are you on? I’ve got a version compiled on Intel-based MacOS I can share with you.


I’d love to try this too (Intel macOS), if possible. I don’t ‘build’ anything (no Xcode/Github), so always rely on friendly devs to make a ‘release’ (yeah, I know. Sorry devs).

Only if it’s cool and easy for you to share though. :slight_smile: Ta.


That’s very kind but unfortunately I’m on Windows 10. Thanks though!

@taxhaven, @creator31: It seems that the precompiled files are actually already available!

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@thresholdpeople: Ooh, great! Thanks very much. :grinning:

oh dear, seriously outing myself as a noob! thanks

ive build it on windows 10 and had to run git submodule update --init in the root of the repo.

Nah, you’re fine! It’s much more subtle on that repo than others I’ve seen. I only realized when I went to try and figure out if its possible to easily compile for different OSs. Cmake is very opaque to me.

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You can install it with this

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