Change GUI shape


Is it possible to change or tweak the shape of GUIs within SC classes? For instance, change the shape of a Knob or a Slider to something more rectangular.

Or the only way to do so is to create a GUI from scratch using Pen (like the example below)?

Tweaking QT and recompiling SC is too laborious/complex or can it be done easily? Can someone post an example on how to do this?

Becoming skilled with Pen is probably more interesting… more worthwhile investment.

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here are two great examples of custom UI work done with SC:

LNX_Studio - Comes with its own SCClassLibrary and includes a whole MVC library for handcrafting pixel perfect GUIs.

sInstruments by redFrik have some very nice and dynamic UIs, redfFrik github is full of cool stuff

Pen is the way to go. Maybe using themes for Qt could be an alternative.

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