Change the edit time limit

Hi! There seems to be a time limit set for the edit time of a post on our forum. I think by default it disallows edits after 2 months. Could we make it infinite, if possible?

I’m okay changing this. 1 year? Infinity? Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that there’s another mechanism for “eternally” editable posts, which is to make them into wiki’s - I would say this is preferable for posts that are expected to continue evolving.

Infinity would be natural for me but I’m mostly used to very old school forum types and so I’m actually not sure about the benefits of not being able to edit after a certain time point. Thanks!

Yeah, I can’t think of a good reason. Maybe makes sense in a highly public and highly trafficked forum where it would be possible for people to edit their very old posts in ways that make history confusing? But honestly I doubt there will be a problem. I upped it to infinity.


Thanks and some more characters!