Changes to email style on July 9

Hi Webmasters!

On July 9th, something changed in the way emails are styled that made quotes and code blocks illegible in my email reader.

Up to and including this post:

quotes and code blocks look fine, rendered in sort of light grey on dark grey

Starting with this one

and in all following messages, the code blocks appear white on white.

Would it be possible to revert whatever change was made in the three or so hours between those two posts?


No change was made intentionally, but probably this was caused by a Discourse server update? Can you send the html source of the “before” email and the “after” email?

FWIW my emails look fine before and after, but I notice that I have a white background in my email client, and you have a dark background - my guess is that somehow the background color of the code blocks is being explicitly set to white now, which may conflict with dark mode on email clients? Is the code present but white?

Thanks for looking into this, Scott!

Your guesses sound plausible to me; yes, the code is present, just rendered in the (more or less) same color as the background, so invisible. If you’re right about the hard coding of the bg color, i guess it would be a sort of thinko/bug to not also hardcode the font color … though from my pov, they could have just ain’t broke, don’t fix it, it looked fine before.

Where can I send the html sources?


Just paste them here (inside ``` backticks) or post as an attachment. I’m hoping I can track the change back to something in the Discourse source code from the html and file a bug on it…

Nevermind, no need to send! I don’t know why this would have broken, but this change for sure fixes it. We’re on beta 6, and this is in beta 7 so it should be resolved when we can upgrade (very soon).

Thanks for reporting this, glad we could get it resolved quickly.

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I upgraded the Discourse version, let me know if it resolves the email problem.

Here's a test! This should be visible in your email client now.

Unfortunately not : (

Thanks for trying

Okay, lol, if you can post the before and after HTML after all, I’ll pass the bug along to Discourse.

hi Scott,

i’m embarrassed to discover i can’t figure out how to get at the html from within the email client on my phone. Could you DM me your email address so i can forward the before and after messages?