Changing Default Server Options

Hi there -
I apologize for what might be an obvious question, but something I never seemed to get a handle on…

Every time I start SuperCollider, I would like to allocate a particular memsize and block size, anticipate a particular Output device, set a certain number of wireBufs, etc, etc…

I have been simply running a bunch of “s.options” commands and then rebooting the whole thing - but I am wondering if there’s a way to make some of these specifications the default.


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Go to File->Open startup file and put your allocations in there. Mine looks like this:



etc, etc

Edit: or you can edit the startup.scd file directly. It is in the ‘Platform.systemAppSupportDir’


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thats a lotta channels @Sam_Pluta …!

Haha. Probably too many. I do this feedback thing with BlackHole 16ch and my RME interface. This gives me access to all 16 channels of BlackHole and a bunch of the RME channels. Last week I was using the MADI ins on the UFX, so that is at channel 16 (BlackHole Channels)+31 (12 Analog+18 Digital+1)=47. It is the only time I have needed that many channels.