Changing direction of LFO

Hello list,

I am modulating the delay time of a sine wave but how can I invert the direction of the LFO without causing the delay time to jump to a new value, causing a click?

I want the delay time to be able to change direction, resuming from the current delay value.

I have the feeling that the phase is involved, but simply offsetting it by pi doesn’t do the trick.

		var sine =;
		var delay =, 1,, phase).exprange(0.01, 0.7).poll);,[sine, delay] )

x.set(\phase, 0)
x.set(\phase, pi) // not working

I solved it.

All I need to do is change the LFO frequency to negative. Phase is not involved.

Have you tried multiplying the freq by negative 1?

Josh Parmenter