Chord names in pbindef

Is it possible to write chord names in a Pbindef instead of numbers [0, 3, 7]?


this did the job for me, you can also write inversions:

Thanks, looks to be helpful, but I get error messages.

ERROR: Message ‘chordProg’ not understood.

[\C, \G_b, \F_a, \G_b].chordProg;

I did:

And recompiled the Class Library

this is an older extension, just drop it in your extension folder instead of trying to install with Quarks.

(i just tried installing it on another win10 laptop, this works over here)


SynthDef(\sinosc, { |amp = 0.1, freq = 400|
	var env, sound;
	env =,doneAction:2);
	sound =*env*amp;, sound!2);

Pbind(\instrument, \sinosc,
	\freq, Pseq([\Csus4, \Fsus4, \Gsus4, \Bbsus4].chordProg+64, inf).midicps,
	\amp, 0.3,
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