Chucklib-livecode introduction video

I’d wanted to do this for a long time, but only just made time for it: A narrated tour of chucklib-livecode’s basic features. Hope it’s of interest.


PS Thanks to t-scale’s report, I just fixed a bug… so update your quarks if you’re trying this out :laughing:


Fantastic walk-through James - sounds awesome :slight_smile:

Part 2: Generators.



Is it possible to sync a beat in dwwChucklib with plain supercollider (maybe via Ableton Link)?

Yes, of course. I’m actually having trouble imagining why you would think it’s not possible.

Why would you need Link? ddwChucklib-livecode is SuperCollider. It’s not a separate app or even a separate interpreter process.

Just run a livecode process and a normal pattern on the same clock. Completely transparent.


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With TidalCycles you need Ableton Link right? That made me wonder.

Ah I see… I guess I didn’t consider that because my dialect gets loaded by commands in the SC IDE. Tidal is indeed a separate environment (written in Haskell, I believe) but a separate language can’t be run from our IDE.

I’ve used LinkClock to sync with another performer (who was using an iPad). That was fun :sunglasses:


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