can program SC

I spent the whole night throwing ideas back and forth with it. The previous version couldn’t do anything right. The new version you keep feeding it error messages and what you are after, and it corrects itself. It understands what Im trying to do. It’s almost creepy tbh. Just another tool though. It’s fun at least

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I also tried it some days ago, and although i finally couldnt extract a working synthdef with it, i also had the feeling it is possible to get it with proper prompting and feeding it with examples.

I’ve been using ChatGPT4 (now 4o) for months with decent results (which always need some tweaking).

It’s definetely a nice tool for those who, like me, are not super-proficient with the language. It can really help a lot!

You have to feed it its errors from SC; Then Claude corrects itself. It is much better than Chatgpt. (the newest version mind you) Previous version of Claude couldn’t do anything right. I can’t imagine the next iteration. I had it make me a 16 pattern gui with slides for pitch and duration. With start and stop button and a button that printed the array of the sliders, Just wanted to see if it could do it. Not bad after ten minutes. I’m fairly certain I couldn’t do that if I immersed myself in sc for 3 years.