Code for mc-4 hack

Im trying to figure out a way to make a midi file in SC that I can plop into mc4 hack.

You’ve got separate step and gate times, notes also. Step cant go longer than gate, obviously. MPX isn’t needed
I tried doing some Pbind stuff, but it didnt work. A Pattern based thing with specific step , gate and Frequency format that opens in mc-4 hack is not working for me. I need help
I was using wslib midi file quark too.

Interesting idea. Probably nobody here has any experience with mc-4 though. (I had to look up mc4 hack.)

How about this… Can the mc-4 hack community identify what is wrong with the MIDI files produced by SC? Then we can work to fix those things on our side. (Even if someone here dropped the $40 US for a license, we wouldn’t have visibility into the internals to see exactly where it’s breaking – that will probably require expertise from their community.)