Code Golf - SuperCollider Showcase - Call for Contributions

Hi everybody!

Recently I’ve discovered this page in which people are “showing off interesting, useful, obscure, and/or unique features your favorite programming languages have to offer” within the smallest possible size (somehow like SCTweets). It would be super helpful, interesting and fun to see SC over there!

I’m sorry, I’ve seen this thing a million times, about SC tweets, from the first day and every other for what must be a decade by now,

and I still feel that hands down, SC is the champion in this contest… To the extent that they shouldn’t even have it,

I’ve never seen anywhere, something that could unravel so uniquely and perfectly, and certainly not in such a critical mass, as an SC140

I want to say, there might, be something, in Processing, that may be, nearly as interesting, in the same amount of code… if you can implement some sort of quick-line & infinitly recursive… however I haven’t yet seen any where the language has anything like the subtle nuances in SC, that allow for such power & infinite unraveling, in such a short expanse of expressiin…

Are there anything like… previous contests, where the best of the SC140 tweets were run down to a handful of examples?

Even whichever one is your personal favorite… everyone would get to hear a gold piece that may have slipped past then… Plus, I’m sure someone will eventually win / ace the overhead