Code-signing Plug-ins on Mac OS


im trying to use the gutter synthesis implementation by @madskjeldgaard and @scztt. after downloading the precompiled .scx files from github and putting them into my extensions folder, i get a system warning about the unsigned files and get advised to put them to trash (that would be a pity!)
i tried to follow this, but even with the right signing id that i created in keychain it said that codesign couldn‘t find a certificate with that name.

do i have to be enrolled in the (paid) apple developer program to sign plugins?
i remember that i successfully signed a plug-in once, but i can’t find the resource on how to do it again.

any tips? i’m on a m2 macbook air, running mac os 12.

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I’m working on this for the sc3-plug-ins release as well right now, and I don t think you even need to sign them, but you do need to remove the quarantine attribute on the file. I’m a terminal, please try to CD to the directory and try

xattr -d Filename.six

Replacing the correct filename at the end.

Please let me know if that works!


Josh Parmenter

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Oh this is working great, thank you! Removing the quarantine was what I was looking for.