Code turns black and can't be executed anymore after saving

I write code. I execute it. Everything works fine. It has the usual color scheme. As soon as i save it, it turns all black. Then I can’t use it anymore. Even if I reload it. If I paste it to a text editor and copy paste it to SC it works fine. Then I save under a new name and it turns black again.

What’s happening?

kind regards, Bernhard

Likely you’re not saving your code in the right file format. I.e. you’re saving the file without the .scd suffix? Here on my machine the IDE does that automatically. But if open a file that doesn’t have this suffix, I can’t execute the code in that file.

Yep was the suffix. Thanks. I’m on mac. It never did this before.

I have not experienced this, but I am experiencing something similar when using Windows 11 via Parallels Desktop. When the virtual machine wakes up from sleep, the SC-IDE window and some other windows turn black. I can restore other windows by hiding-restoring, but I should forcefully exit SC-IDE and then restart it. The good thing is that when I restart SC-IDE, it asks me to restore the unsaved documents from the previous session. So I was able to reuse the code.