Communication with scsynth without the IDE and sclang

I have read the documentation like this:

But I am wondering if it is possible to run scsynth without sclang and the IDE?

I know that we can send OSC messages to scsynth from other languages like Python.

It seems Sonic Pi is following this kind of architecture. Am I wrong?

But specifically, how to boost the scsynth without the IDE?

Thanks a lot!

This is certainly possible.
For python there’s
For clojure there’s
For lua there’s
and no doubt there are others too.

There are two clients written in Haskell. There’s at least one for JavaScript that you control from the browser.

without the IDE you can always run sclang from the commandline

$ sclang yourprogram.scd

boot the server by puting your code that you pass to sclang into:

Server.default.waitForBoot {
         (... your code ...)